Quick, Strong, and Economcial
Rebar One-touch Coupler


We aim for the supply of high quality products through justice management to improve customer satisfaction and maintain the trust relationship with customers.
  • Since ROC Co., Ltd. started development of a one-touch coupler in 2006, the company has gone through
    more than 10 years of testing process. Now the company finally completed the development of the product, which is
    a high-strength one-touch rebar coupler that enables anyone to easily couple rebar.
  • ROC Couplers are products that can effectively reduce the labor cost while complementing various problems
    and risks of the conventional rebar coupling method. Our company’s invention of one-touch couplers has
    registered the patent for the first time in Korea.
  • Through constant research and development, we are always striving to provide better products for our
    customers by developing the advantages of the products and complementing the shortcomings.
  • Thank you for your interest.